Information for new students:

 Yoga can be quiet and restful as in meditation, or very vigorous and demanding as in Power Vinyasa. You choose the type of Yoga that works best for you and supports your goals.

Yoga is usually done in bare feet on a yoga mat (which can be borrowed from me).

"Why do yoga people wear such tight clothing?"

Super tight is not required, but snug has two benefits: it lets me check alignment better, and it helps you "feel" your body so you can isometrically "hug in" easier. But above all else, be comfortable and able to bend and stretch in what you are wearing.

Ideally, there should be enough room in the space you want to use so that you can stand side by side, or staggered, and have arms outstretched without touching your neighbor, and be able to lie down full length on your mat without touching your neighbor.

A quiet space away from co-workers who are not attending, or from children and pets, is best for concentration. I will bring music and a player but need somewhere to plug it in. Phones should be off if possible during yoga. Try to give yourself your full attention during your lessons.

You will need to sign a Liability Waiver form which I will bring. This is standard practice.

Yoga involves a great deal of deep breathing (eventually) and so fragrances and lit candles are not a good idea. I personally am allergic to fragrance, so if you can forgo any scent on the days of your lessons, so much the better for all of us.

Yoga is best done on a fairly empty stomach. You should not eat a full meal for a minimum of two hours before practicing yoga. A small snack before practice to keep you going is fine.

Yoga should be a pleasurable experience. It is not something to "get right" or to "conquer". It's a journey I hope you will come to enjoy and look forward to.

I look forward to seeing you!